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ARGOT: Works by Boulez, Donatoni, and Lutosławski


ARGOT: Works by Boulez, Donatoni, and Lutosławski | Véronique Mathieu, violin; Jasmin Arakawa, piano

Released in July 2017, ARGOT focuses on compositions by three titans of twentieth century European modernism: Franco Donatoni, Pierre Boulez, and Witold Lutosławski. Three works by Polish master Witold Lutosławski add piano to the mix, and deliver a much more classical personality to the album’s offerings. These works show a different side of European modernism, one based in clear extra-musical allusions and references to centuries-old musical concepts.

“Mathieu’s performance here is stunning with amazing technique both for the rapid passage work and for the unique sound quality used to add expression to some of the more avant-garde aspects of the piece.”    - Cinemusical

It [this album] will – and should – appeal to anyone who appreciates outstanding violin playing and who already appreciate good quality twentieth-century music a bit off the “beaten path.”   - Audiophile 

“Aquest enregistrament és, de fet, una demostració espectacular de les seves habilitats.”   - Sonograma Magazine

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Works for violin and piano by Canadian composers.

Music by Brian Harman, Alice Ping Yee Ho, Maria Molinari, Heather Schmidt, Adam Scime, and Healey Willan

“Ms. Mathieu and Ms. Chua trip the light fantastic with a dramatic sense of expression and a remarkable sense of balance and poise.” - Gapplegate Classical


Flights of Passage: Solo and Chamber music by Claude Baker